An interactive and multimedia 
platform that collects all existing research and educational material on Ocean Literacy with specific regards to the Adriatic Sea.

Festival of the Adriatic Sea

The Festival of the Adriatic Sea is an itinerant collection of events that leads to the discovery of the pilot areas of the Adriatic coast involved in the CASCADE project.

The Festival aims to promote the activities of the project and leverages empowerment and awareness on the importance of environmental values aimed at protecting, preserving and conserving the marine environment.

The full programme of the Festival is available on the Delta 2000 website.


How much do you know about the Ocean and its interactions with society? Test your Ocean Literacy and become an active agent of change, spreading awareness and knowledge about this fascinating world.


Immerse yourself in the CASCADE project through the voices of the researchers, scientists, experts and  stakeholders who work behind the scenes. Learn how the project’s multidisciplinary team aims to preserve the Adriatic’s coastal and marine ecosystems and local livelihoods.

Ocean Literacy aims to raise awareness on the conservation, restoration and sustainable use of our ocean and its resources and to build an improved public knowledge base across the world’s population regarding our global ocean.


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