This website has been created by the Euro-Mediterranean Center on Climate Change (CMCC) within the Interreg CASCADE project about Ocean Literacy in the Adriatic region, with the contribution of several partner institutions from Italy and Croatia.

These institutions are helping us keep this website alive and dynamic by providing useful materials and information about their activities in the area.

Beyond CASCADE Project partners, other institutions working on Ocean Literacy around the world contributed to enrich and diversify this platform by providing interesting and useful materials.

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CASCADE (CoAStal and marine waters integrated monitoring systems for ecosystems proteCtion AnD managemEnt) is an INTERREG (Italy-Croatia) project developing concerted and coordinated monitoring, modelling and management actions, enhancing the knowledge and at evaluating the quality and vulnerability of inland, coastal and marine ecosystems in Italy and Croatia. Such general goal should support the restoration of endangered species and the integrated management of coastal areas in the Adriatic.
Project Partners