AdSWiM project celebrates World Ocean Day 2021 with reefballs placement next to Lignano Coast (Italy)

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AdSWiM project celebrates World Ocean Day 2021 by placing reefballs next to Lignano Coast, in the Adriatic Sea, to enhance marine habitat.

AdSWiM project is coordinated by twelve partners working against marine water pollution to improve the quality of Adriatic Sea and coastal waters with innovative technologies in quality monitoring, treatment and management of urban wastewater. The project promotes the cross-border integrated management of water resources to restore the disturbed nutrient balance that is affecting the marine food chain. An innovative and environmentally friendly wastewater treatment technology will be proposed to gain better knowledge and control over the ecological status of the marine ecosystem in order to implement the existing regulations. In 24 months, 6 research institutions, 2 municipalities, 3 companies of wastewater collection, treatment and supply and 1 unit for regulation and provision of health care and education to public will investigate new treatments, new analytical devices and new chemical and microbiological parameters of the waste water.

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February 16, 2022
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