Training course “Basics of accidental marine pollution”

On January 21-22.2021, ATRAC held a two-day training course “Accidental Marine Pollution”, which is in line with the 1st level of the IMO OPRC course model. The course was attended by twelve employees responsible for field cleaning operations from the companies “Dezinsekcija d.o.o.” from Rijeka and “Ciklon d.o.o.” from Zadar, two of the leading companies for the protection of the sea and the marine environment.

Participants were given insight into the behavior and properties of spilled oil at sea, the impact of pollution on the environment and the economy, the steps of the initial intervention, health and safety at the site, and response methods and specialized equipment used to remove pollution.

The group was extremely interested in discussing and exchanging experiences on marine pollution, including the types of oils and types of equipment they encounter in their daily work, all with the aim of improving the prevention and response to sudden marine pollution.

Source: ATRAC


August 23, 2021
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