Learning the beauty

May 18, 2023

Today the Miramare MPA has the guardianship of 30 hectares of marine-coastal biodiversity, which is under its complete protection. There are also a further 90 hectares of buffer zone that was established in 1955 by order of the Port Authority, in order to defend the core area from night fishing using fishing lights. This was a popular activity in the Gulf of Trieste at that time and posed a risk to the whole reserve.

From coastal detritic to artificial reefs, from sandy and muddy seabed to the open sea; the Miramare Marine Protected Area is in every respect a concentration of biodiversity of both habitat and species. The protected marine-coastal stretch represents a precious biological unicum. Despite its limited surface area and shallow waters, it has diversified into specific micro-environments, which reflect the presence of four distinct areas. These all have a very high density and diversity of animal and plant organisms, and are: the tidal environment, the detritic and reef environment, the sandy and muddy seabed, and the pelagic zone. 

Discover the snorkelling activity in Miramare AMP!

Download for free the infographics to recognize the species you can encounter during our snorkelling activity in Miramare!

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